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Technical & Trade Career Programs

The systems around us are powered by many moving parts that must work together to provide the services we require. Whether it’s our electrical systems, air conditioning or computers, it takes a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner to repair and maintain these vital systems. 

With a career in a technical field, you can put your attention to detail and love of systems to work in an industry where qualified experts are always in demand. Ridley-Lowell offers a number of tech and IT programs to get you on the path to a rewarding new job.


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Electrical Systems

HVAC Installation Technician


Electrical Systems Technician

To work with electrical systems, you have to have a firm understanding of how every piece works together. At Ridley-Lowell, you can train to work with residential, commercial and industrial electrical systems while taking advantage of career-focused training that takes only months, not years, to complete. 

Our electrical systems technician program will provide you with the technical knowledge and required skills you need to prepare for electrician apprenticeships and seek entry-level electrical employment opportunities in a wide range of areas, including telecommunications equipment installation and repair, electric motor and power tool repair, security and fire alarm systems installation, and assisting electricians.

Coursework will introduce you to the basics of electricity, covering topics such as safety procedures, measuring instruments, AC/DC and national electric code. You’ll also learn how to read schematics and blueprints.

Your curriculum will include courses on:

·       Introduction to electricity

·       Math for electricians

·       Electrical essentials

·       National electric code

·       Residential wiring

·       Commercial wiring

·       Industrial wiring and motor controls

·       Low voltage wiring

·       Conductors and wiring devices

·       Career development


Campuses where available:

This program is available at the following campuses: Poughkeepsie, NY; New London, CT; and Danbury, CT.


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HVAC Installation Technician Program

From heating and air conditioning to ventilation and refrigeration, a career in the HVAC industry touches a number of systems used by businesses and residential customers to stay comfortable. 

At Ridley-Lowell, the HVAC technician installation program is designed to equip you with the specialized training and required skills to seek entry-level positions in areas such as residential and mechanical construction companies, as well as fuel oil, natural gas, and propane distribution companies.

Once you graduate, you’ll have the skills you need to take the EPA Certification Exam and earn the qualifications to install and service air conditioning, refrigeration, hot air, hydronic heating systems and HVAC/R and piping.

Your curriculum will focus on:

·       Introduction to thermodynamics

·       Introduction to electricity and controls

·       Commercial refrigeration systems

·       Domestic refrigeration equipment

·       Heating systems

·       Residential ac systems

·       All weather systems


Campuses where available:

This program is available at our Poughkeepsie, NY, campus.


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*Ridley-Lowell Business & Technical Institute does not guarantee employment and/or rate of pay upon graduation.

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What alumni are saying ... Alumni testimonials

My experience in the Ridley-Lowell HVAC/R program has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences in my life.

C. Reeder
HVAC Installation & Service Technician

My experience at Ridley-Lowell was great. I enrolled to learn how to do make-up and learned so much more like how to analyze the skin, do facial and body treatments, waxing and use machines like galvanic. The teachers in the beauty school are so amazing. I miss the school, my friends, and my teachers everyday.

Astrid D.
Esthetic Graduate

My experience here at Ridley-Lowell has been very rewarding educationally, socially and financially. I would recommend anyone who wants to further their education to do it amongst the wonderful staff at Ridley-Lowell.

Danielle S.
Criminal Justice Graduate

The instructors and staff at Ridley-Lowell have been wonderful! I am very glad that I chose to continue my education with them. My life will be forever changed because of my time there.

Rebecca C.
Managerial Accounting Graduate

This small school has made a big difference in my life.

Rendell Z.
Medical Administrative Assistant Graduate

I am thankful for my new skills, and I am looking forward to enjoying my new career making people feel good about themselves.

Roxie L.
Cosmetology Graduate

Ridley-Lowell taught me everything I needed to know. Today, the skills Ridley-Lowell taught me saved my patient's life when he dropped because he couldn't breathe in the heat. I performed CPR effectively for 8 mins and 37 secs until the medics arrived with their AED and they jumped his heart. He's going to be fine thanks to my quick persistent skills and action that I learned throughout my time at Ridley. Thank you - you made me appreciate what I do every day. Its not easy, but I love it. Ridley shaped me as an adult and prepared me for my future, including nursing school. I love Ridley-Lowell!

Rebecca C.
Medical Assisting Graduate

Ridley-Lowell helped me complete the medical training stated by the military. The Medical Assistant program was fun, exciting and fast paced. I now have a full-time career working in a physicians’ office. For the first time in my life, I enjoy going to work. The Ridley-Lowell staff has been extremely supportive from the day I enrolled to graduation and beyond. Thank you, Ridley-Lowell, for putting my career back on track.

Drew F.
Medical Assistant Graduate

It was difficult coming back after years of being out of school, but the teachers were great. I found them to be very informative, fun and very helpful. I had and still have a great support system here at Ridley-Lowell.

Toni J.
Administrative Assistant Graduate

Coming here was a great experience for me. The teachers and staff were very friendly and helpful. The other students were nice, and I made new friends. I would recommend this school to anybody looking for a higher education.

Mary K.
Office Support Specialist Graduate

Overall, I believe the school gives you a well-rounded curriculum. I will be walking away with a great sense of accomplishment. The school has taught me about commitment, compassion and character. These are the three C’s I value.

MaryAnn C.
Medical Administrative Assistant Graduate

I love it here! Honestly, I don’t want to leave. The teachers are awesome, and I just want to be part of the greatness that is happening here. The energy is great and that make the learning process so enjoyable.

Monica L.
Cosmetology Graduate

I always knew I had a passion for skin due to my own challenges. The Ridley Esthetics program is excellent and I had a blast the entire time. The staff is wonderful and make sure to teach you all that is needed to help you live out your passion. I also enjoyed getting pampered everyday and pampering others. Making people feel beautiful is what we Estheticians do!

Lynn O.
Esthetic Graduate

Ridley-Lowell has provided me with all the tools, plus some that I will need to become a successful licensed massage therapist. The massage program is unique in that it’s a small program with smaller class sizes, giving me more opportunity for individual instruction on advanced material.

Daniel L.
Massage Therapy

Thanks to Tony and Ray’s excellent job at teaching me so much information about hardware and software, I have managed to get a job in beautiful Tampa, Florida, working for Vitera Healthcare Solutions. This is an awesome company with great pay and benefits and just a fun job in general. It was the best move I’ve made career-wise to attend Ridley-Lowell Business & Technical Institute.

Wayne C.
Information Technology Graduate

Making a career change when you are 40-something is a difficult decision. The education I received at Ridley-Lowell has given me the tools and confidence I need to begin a new and very exciting chapter in my life. I am settling into a new job that I find extremely rewarding!

Cyndi K.
Networking & Technical Support Specialist Graduate

The instructors at Ridley-Lowell assist us with real-life experiences to solve everyday problems. We work from life, not just the book. The hands-on education is priceless!

Terrence G.
Electrical Systems Technician

Ridley Lowell's massage program really prepared me for my exciting career in massage therapy. The teachers were supportive and knowledgeable and gave me the confidence to go out and apply what I learned in the real world. I am currently employed as a massage therapist at the prestigious Adam Broderick Spa and I am so thankful to the entire staff at Ridley Lowell for a wonderful educational experience!

Maria G.
LMT Massage Therapy Graduate

Ridley-Lowell has helped me find the right program at the right time to fit the needs of my schedule and personal goals.

Kimberly V.
Legal Administrative Assistant Graduate

Ridley-Lowell has helped me significantly with my computer skills and has been very instrumental in deciding what I want to do in the computer field. I have gained a lot of insight and knowledge in a field I had very little knowledge of before I started. I would recommend this school to anybody who is interested in it and would talk very highly of the school and staff.

Ronald R.
Networking and Technical Support Specialist Graduate

Ridley-Lowell has an excellent Networking and Technical Support Specialist program. This is exactly what I was looking for in a school. The instruction helped me attain four IT certifications.

William D.
Networking and Technical Support Specialist Graduate

Ridley-Lowell opened the door for me. From here I can move forward with confidence, knowing that no matter what path I choose in the future I’m an excellent student, and there are no limits to what I can achieve now that the initial fear of education is gone.

Susan L.
Medical Assistant Graduate